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QlusZio SDS Appliances

QlusZio Software Defined Storage Appliances

QlusZio systems are turn-key storage appliances built using Qlustar DataStack components on top of certified hardware from Q-Leap partners. They are the perfect building block for scalable, performant and highly-available clustered storage. Offering the choice to run parallel filesystems like BeeGFS and Lustre, block storage systems like Ceph or native iSCSI and finally S3 object storage via Ceph, leaves nothing to be desired. Employing ZFS as storage backend, data safety and integrity comes for granted. In short: QlusZio systems are rock solid.

QlusZio and QluMan make it dead-easy to increase capacity and performance of your solution without downtime. Be it adding servers, disks or clients, every component is designed for scalability. Once necessary, hardware extensions may be integrated without effort.

Data Safatey and Performance

Using ZFS as storage backend for your parallel filesystems, QlusZio protects you from silent data corruption, auto-corrects inconsistencies between disks within a RAID set and allows for convenient snapshot-based backups.

QlusZio achieves staggering performance. On a cost-effective setup with six storage nodes having 10 core dual Xeon v4 CPUs and 36 x 8TB SAS disks (7.2k) each, you'll get:

  • Sustained write: > 24GB/s
  • Sustained read: > 16GB/s
  • Rebuild time at 60% fill-level: < 12h
ZFS Performance  and Scalability
QlusZio built-in High Availability

Built-in High Availability

QlusZio appliances have built-in multi-redundancy controlled by the Qlustar HA Stack. This protects you from hardware failures both on the disk as well as on the server level. With six-node building bricks, any two servers and one third of your disks can fail without any service interruption. Nevertheless, since QlusZio has an active-active architecture, your hardware is always fully utilized and no resources waisted in stand-by mode. In case of failure, services are migrated automatically to operational nodes.

QlusZio Hardware Architecture
Fig.1 - The QlusZio Hardware Architecture - six-node building bricks.

Peace Of Mind Support

Knowing about the comprehensive support packages from Q-Leap and its partners, you can relax and rest assured that possible problems with your system will be solved efficiently and fast. No matter whether the cause is software or hardware related.

With the premium support level provided by Q-Leap professional services, we guarantee, that problems are carefully analyzed and issues clearly separated into hardware or software categories. When running QlusZio on hardware of certified Q-Leap partners, support instances are unambigously routed to the responsible parties. No ping-pong games between vendors. Contact us, if you want to know more about QlusZio and its possibilities.

Qlustar Lustre Features

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