The Qlustar HPC Stack

The Qlustar HPC Stack contains all components necessary, to render a networked server farm based on off-the-shelf hardware into a high-performance compute cluster.

Qlustar is designed to handle small, medium and even the largest clusters with minimum effort but maximum control and efficiency. It shows, that more than a decade of experience in the creation, management and operation of powerful Linux clusters has contributed to its underlying technology.

Workload Management

Efficient and scalable workload management is of crucial importance for an HPC cluster. Users expect their compute jobs to get executed as fast as possible and want to get a fair share of the available compute resources. They also want detailed information about their jobs status and convenient tools to manipulate them. On the other hand, cluster administrators are most interested in maximum utilization of their cluster hardware and need simple control over the status of compute nodes.

Qlustar’s workload management provides the premier open-source software Slurm to achieve all of the above goals. To complement Slurm’s superb feature set, QluMan provides a powerful GUI management front-end to Slurm.

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Qlustar MPI - Fast Distributed Computing

To achieve scalable performance on an HPC cluster, most applications use MPI parallelization. Qlustar MPI provides optimized Debian packages of OpenMPI , the most widely used open-source MPI implementation. Our packages are created such that different major OpenMPI versions compiled with varying compilers (gcc, icc, etc.) can be installed in parallel. Hence users have a choice of MPI versions to use for their programs and can expect, that old binaries will still run after system updates. On CentOS nodes, the vast number of MPI packages provided by OpenHPC are readily available.

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GPU Computing

The use of graphical processing units (GPU) to accelerate certain compute workloads has revolutionized HPC in recent years. The performance boost from parallelization on a large numbers of GPU cores increased the achievable FLOPS per node dramatically.

Qlustar has out-of-the-box support for the most widely adopted hardware options and programming models in GPU computing. In particular, the Qlustar Nvidia image modules provide up-to-date integrated drivers for Nvidia GPUs supplemented by matching CUDA versions.

Infiniband/Omnipath Support

Fast networking is a must for HPC clusters. The de-facto standard technology for high-speed networks nowadays is Infiniband (IB). To optimally support IB networks, Qlustar always ships an up-to-date OFED software stack with its drivers readily built to use with Qlustar kernels. This ensures that modern IB hardware is optimally supported and that new user-space IB software modules are available for use. Wherever possible, Qlustar integrates IB support in other HPC components like MPI or workload managers. OmniPath networks are also supported starting from Qlustar 10.