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Learn how to use Qlustar!

Qlustar Documentation

Qlustar documentation is split up into basic guides and a series of detailed manuals. Currently only the basic guides are available. The manuals are still being worked on and will be ready soon.

  • Installation guide

    Describes the steps to install a Qlustar head node on disk.

  • First steps

    Guides you through the initial steps of configuring Qlustar and performing some basic functionality tests.

  • QluMan Guide

    A comprehensive guide through the GUI of QluMan, the Qlustar Management interface. QluMan is a novel, powerful management system that makes administering HPC clusters a pleasure.

  • Qlustar Docs Site

    The Qlustar Docs website is the central place for Qlustar documentation. We're in the process of migrating all documentation to it.

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