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Qlustar: Install and enjoy!

Qlustar Basic Edition

The Qlustar Basic Edition provides exactly the same OS packages as the Full Edition. It includes the same superb boot image technology, the same extensive HPC package collection and comes with self support as explained on our support page. The difference between the two editions concerns the features available in the management interface QluMan as detailed in the following table.

QluMan feature comparison

  Basic Edition Full Edition
# of simultaneous sessions One Unlimited
Admin Users One Unlimited
User Permission Management No Yes
GUI Remote Execution Engine No Yes
GUI Hardware Wizard No Yes
# of Image Types 2 Unlimited
# of Host Templates 2 Unlimited
# of Disk Configs 2 Unlimited
# of Slurm Partitions 3 Unlimited
Other Properties (# of configs) 2 Unlimited

Terms and Conditions

The Qlustar Basic Edition is free for non-commercial and purely academic use and will remain free forever.

As non-commercial we understand any use of Qlustar for purposes that are neither directly nor indirectly paid. It is not about whether the usage itself is paid, but whether it occurs within the context of the creation of an added value with some kind of financial compensation.

As pure academic, we define any use of Qlustar in schools and universities, provided that it is not used in projects that have a direct or indirect commercial purpose.

Examples for usage allowed with Qlustar Basic Edition

  • A university runs a cluster which is only used for basic research by members (staff or students) of the university.
  • A school or college runs a cluster for pure teaching purposes of its members.

Examples for usage not allowed with Qlustar Basic Edition

  • A cluster integrator installs Qlustar Basic Edition for a university department or other non-profit organization and charges for the services.
  • A national lab, research institute or government agency wants to run Qlustar.
  • Use of Qlustar in a common project of a university and a commercial company.

If you are unsure, whether your use case qualifies for Qlustar Basic Edition, you can always contact us and ask.

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