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Qlustar: Install and enjoy!

QluMan GUI for Workstations

Managing Qlustar clusters has just become a lot more fun: We've set up a new package repository from which you can easily install the qluman-qt GUI on your workstation or any other machine provided it runs one of the edge platforms currently supported by Qlustar (currently Ubuntu/Precise and Debian/Wheezy).

In fact it is recommended to install qluman-qt that way, since the responsiveness of a GUI, that is locally started, is a lot better as compared to one that is running via remote X11. Detailed instructions for the installation are available.

Since the communication between the GUI and the server is encrypted using the most secure encryption technology (high-speed/high-security elliptic-curve cryptography) you're absolutely safe to connect to your clusters directly over the Internet. E.g. it allows you to install qluman-qt on your home Linux PC and manage your clusters at work, as if you were sitting in your office. Note that ssh port forwarding is fully supported to open the communication channel between GUI and servers, so your clusters don't need to be reachable directly via the Internet. You're fine as long as you can connect to them via ssh.

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