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Qlustar: Install and enjoy!

Qlustar 8.1 is available

The Qlustar team is pleased to announce the release of Qlustar 8.1, a feature release with a number of exciting new features and package updates. Release highlights include QluMan additions (remote execution engine, user/role management, IB/IPMI configuration), new standard kernel 3.12, ZFS/Lustre support, Slurm 2.6.4, improved installer and a lot more. Please read the release notes for more in-depth information.

Update your cluster when you get a chance. For update guidance check the instructions in the release notes as well as the general Qlustar Update Guide.

If you aren't running Qlustar yet, give it a try now and you surely won't regret it. Download this exciting release, install it and discover Qlustar's power and ever-growing great features. Setting up and managing HPC/storage clusters has never been easier and more fun.

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