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Qlustar: Install and enjoy!

Qlustar Demo at DebianMed Sprint

The Debian Med Sprint Weekend 2014 was hosted in Stonehaven near Aberdeen. The meeting was mainly about hacking on Bioinformatics software that is of interest to the DebianMed community. The attendants worked in groups toward specific goals and a lot of progress was made in improving existing and adding new software packages.

The talk on Qlustar by Tony Travis from Minke Informatics focused on Qlustar's suitability as a platform for Bio-Linux HPC Clusters. A cluster running Qlustar/Bio-Linux was setup on-site for demonstration purposes by Tony Travis and Luca Clivio from the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacologic Research. The event was sponsored by Q-Leap Networks.

As a result of this meeting, Q-Leap decided to add general support for the Debian-Med/Bio-Linux packages to the Qlustar Cluster OS. This will ensure a smooth user experience when using these package collections on Qlustar clusters. Furthermore, Q-Leap employees are now members of the DebianMed team, contributing to this highly esteemed source of BioInformatics software.

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