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Qlustar: Install and enjoy!

First cluster with Qlustar Precise up and running

Beginning of August, the first HPC cluster running the Ubuntu/Precise based Qlustar stack, that will be publicly released in December, has gone into production. The system is installed at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research and features 28 (mostly fat) compute nodes with a total of 1440 CPU cores and a small Lustre filesystem served by 5 storage nodes. Networking requirements are met by a simple GigE management/boot network supplemented by a second GigE Ethernet network made up of three bonded interfaces per node for MPI communication and Lustre. Users access the cluster via a frontend node running as a KVM virtual machine on the headnode. Slurm is used as Resource Manager (Queueing system) and Openmpi 1.6.x as the default MPI implementation.

The cluster is mainly used for the analysis and the design of protein structures as well as for modelling the evolution of viruses such as influenza in order to better understand the way they act now and how they might change in the future.

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