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Qlustar 8.1.2 - Release Notes

Qlustar 8.1.2 is the second maintenance release in the 8.1 series. It is only a minor update which apart from a number of bug fixes also includes two package version updates, ZFS 0.6.3 and Lustre 2.5.2 (itself a bug fix release). ZFS 0.6.3 brings a lot of stability improvements and fixes a critical bug that could lead to a kernel dead-lock under memory pressure. We didn't generate a new installer version for this release, so expect a larger number of package updates, when you do an initial installation.

Please note that this release includes a new kernel version, so a reboot of all nodes is necessary after the update (for instructions check the general Qlustar Update Guide).

Qlustar 8.1.2 remains based on Ubuntu 12.04.4 and Debian 7.5. It includes all security fixes and other package updates published before July 4th 2014. Available security updates relevant to Qlustar 8.1.2, that have appeared after this date, will be announced on the Qlustar website and in the Qlustar security news letter.

Package Version Updates

  • ZFSonLinux
    0.6.2 → 0.6.3     --     Changelog
  • Lustre
    2.5.1 → 2.5.2     --     Changelog

Critical Bug Fixes

  • Blocked login after restart of slurm or torque mom
    The restart of the torque mom or slurm daemon on a compute node would block ssh login to the node due to a scripting bug. This is fixed in 8.1.2 images.
  • Kernel dead-lock with swap on ZFS
    For Qlustar nodes where a ZFS zvol was used as a swap device (default config on net-boot nodes starting from 8.1.1) a dead-lock would occur upon heavy memory swapping. This is fixed with the upgrade to ZFS 0.6.3.


  • A detailed log of changes in the image modules can be found in the directories
    As an example, in the directory
    you will find a summary changelog in core.changelog, a complete list of packages with version numbers entering the current core module in core.packages.version.gz, a complete changelog of the core modules package versions in core.packages.version.gz and finally a complete log of changed files in core.contents.changelog.gz.
  • As usual, individual changelogs of packages can be found on an installed head-node in the directories
    /usr/share/doc/<package name>.
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