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Qlustar: Install and enjoy!

Qlustar Installer Download

Before downloading any parts of Qlustar, please read the Qlustar License Agreement. If you are representing a company planning to sell clusters or services based on Qlustar, please particularly note the paragraph titled COMMERCIAL RESTRICTIONS and get in touch with us.

Qlustar Installer 10.0.0-0
Size: 474M
md5sum: caf78839701e38dc4443ad5d737c7cb8
sha256sum: 1b01e7c69d632b34ba1908e23210eb8347109f01bd50c5a36fa137d7f720fdbc

Release Notes Installation Guide Documentation

Note: Qlustar installers are created from packages in Debian format. All such packages including their source (for packages that are licensed using an open-source license) are available from the Qlustar package repositories (Ubuntu / Debian).

QluMan GUI Singularity Images

QluMan 10.0.0 - latest (for Qlustar 10.0)
Size: 237MB
md5sum: 201f71a189fe6bb3e88ef6cef4691ab8
sha256sum: f93b814a49e5dbef6a44a58e14efc5b5c9cc39d7219ab7147fff8ecc72fbce0d


QluMan 3.0.0 - latest (for Qlustar 9.2)
Size: 297MB
md5sum: f1de789f86c4601fe8ab7e9011c92e59
sha256sum: 6d6235c8459c25cba84c8ab5ecd571828352c5be43e87cca23224720cb9c1ca4


QluMan 2.1.1 - latest (for Qlustar 9.1.1)
Size: 290MB
md5sum: f319fd5192010bc036778923f7c669ef
sha256sum: 959f562774cfa41d67c035926ad27a9d89f5bf1a849823468962f22ec61d8f07


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