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Qlustar: Install and enjoy!

Qlustar Installer Download

Before downloading any parts of Qlustar, please read the Qlustar License Agreement. If you are representing a company planning to sell clusters or services based on Qlustar, please particularly note the paragraph titled COMMERCIAL RESTRICTIONS and get in touch with us.

Qlustar Installer 11.0.0-3
Size: 570MB
md5sum: c9105dd6a309ad48184ac41cda3e587f
sha256sum: 68b494fae0d3258c85bcdfd2a385632c8030382b76ebfda2d48f9b05f23fedb1

Release Notes Installation Guide Documentation

Note: Qlustar installers are created from packages in Debian format. All such packages including their source (for packages that are licensed using an open-source license) are available from the Qlustar package repositories (Ubuntu / Debian).

QluMan GUI Singularity Images

Note: Images for Qlustar 10.1 and 11.0 need singularity 3.2 or newer (older versions might work, but there is no guarantee). Please check the Singularity Docs about how to install the needed version for your distribution.

QluMan 11.0.3 - latest (for Qlustar 11.0)
Size: 288MB
md5sum: 4cd9629e64611aa9291ca2909c29010a
sha256sum: 86db98ed66f92be786308863ebb1f2f571e247395e7bb3eb7590f9d5fa73ff03


QluMan 10.1.1 - latest (for Qlustar 10.1)
Size: 239MB
md5sum: 840219abae5584da30fd046afd07b5bb
sha256sum: c16b4c77ee466fa447eb549cb2187a645bab149f4574aaca05eb5ec14577bf69


QluMan 10.0.0 - latest (for Qlustar 10.0)
Size: 237MB
md5sum: 92ec6f7f8c026e27db787edc8e64fe4a
sha256sum: 553d9a9d136917f24fe4588219f8c8dc60b1dc107ed7e3dbd59222aa0f474f31


QluMan 3.0.0 - latest (for Qlustar 9.2)
Size: 297MB
md5sum: f1de789f86c4601fe8ab7e9011c92e59
sha256sum: 6d6235c8459c25cba84c8ab5ecd571828352c5be43e87cca23224720cb9c1ca4


QluMan 2.1.1 - latest (for Qlustar 9.1.1)
Size: 290MB
md5sum: f319fd5192010bc036778923f7c669ef
sha256sum: 959f562774cfa41d67c035926ad27a9d89f5bf1a849823468962f22ec61d8f07


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