Qlustar Installer

Before downloading any parts of Qlustar, please read the Qlustar License Agreement. If you are representing a company planning to sell clusters or services based on Qlustar, please particularly note the paragraph titled COMMERCIAL RESTRICTIONS and get in touch with us.

Qlustar Installer 13.0-0

Size: 861MB
md5sum: 1d99d60a96d6b8e3b717bf5ac9543165
sha256sum: b28eb67ea508790479d39f5eb4d44ebb339ec659b071a65017a0621529d5750a

Note: Qlustar installers are created from packages in Debian format. All such packages including their source (for packages that are licensed using an open-source license) are available from the Qlustar package repositories.

QluMan GUI Singularity Images

Note: Images for Qlustar 10.1 or newer need singularity 3.2 or newer (older versions might work, but there is no guarantee). Please check the Singularity Docs about how to install the needed version for your distribution.

QluMan 13.0.2 - latest (for Qlustar 13)

Size: 241MB
md5sum: b1a795a4c85004583d879cd7ffb504bf
sha256sum: c57dfdd53d4846f501362c18534466e218370169de3f388a365be04cfb9f377c

QluMan - latest (for Qlustar 12.0)

Size: 282MB
md5sum: 5cb0ece91c72b55b5acd67c37c21fa49
sha256sum: d96d9ba61f0790b1ab38c23e47584c033a689862a51c1c05e4155a64322144a1

QluMan 11.0.4 - latest (for Qlustar 11.0)

Size: 310MB
md5sum: 39aa48d43cd4d3b125158ade222dcdb9
sha256sum: 82d5e3e3a635e8e6f16aa72276bb467c8b970b26dd71ab265f9016f90cc5b5c9

QluMan 10.1.1 - latest (for Qlustar 10.1)

Size: 239MB
md5sum: 840219abae5584da30fd046afd07b5bb
sha256sum: c16b4c77ee466fa447eb549cb2187a645bab149f4574aaca05eb5ec14577bf69