Simplest BeeGFS setup ever ... on Qlustar

The race for fast and scalable storage is one of the hottest topics in the IT world today. As a result of Q-Leap’s partnership with ThinkParQ, we’re happy to announce that Qlustar has now integrated the latest BeeGFS version, supplying you the necessary horse power for this race. We’ve put a lot of effort into a dramatically simplified setup and configuration procedure. It now takes out all the hassle of bootstrapping and operating parallel Petabyte clusters.

Since automated and consistent disk configuration setups on off-the-shelf hardware have long been one of QluMan/Qlustar’s highlights, a ZFS based BeeGFS installation on e.g. 16 storage nodes is now possible in less than an hour. Check out our new Quick Start Guide and try for yourself.

It’s also worth mentioning that Qlustar is the only Linux distribution that comes with BeeGFS pre-loaded. Furthermore, it offers a lot of related goodies, such as automatic Infiniband detection and configuration, making even more advanced storage clusters easy to handle.

Note that professional services are also available for this speedy BeeGFS/Qlustar combo through the experts at Q-Leap Networks. In cooperation with ThinkParQ, Q-Leap can deliver the best support at any level and also help you in defining an optimal cost-effective hardware configuration. Contact us for more details.

If you’re at the ISC 2015 conference in Frankfurt, join us at the Q-Leap booth (#654) for an in-depth demonstration.