Qlustar Feature Update 01/22

A number of new Qlustar features were completed recently and published together with the latest security updates.

QluMan has the following new capabilities:

  • QluMan Timers present a new Config class assignable to nodes. They allow for time-based execution of commands on nodes and are easily configured via the GUI.
  • Enhancements of the Slurm GUI component:
    • Added on-the-fly job filtering and job grouping.
    • Significantly improved mechanism to transfer job data. The QluMan GUI is now able to smoothly handle thousands of jobs.
  • Hardware detection info for nodes in the GUI Enclosure view now transparently highlights misconfigurations, helping admins to track down faulty settings.
  • Filters in User/Group Management have been added, making LDAP management a lot clearer and easier to follow.

Other new features:

  • Mellanox OFED drivers and tools have been included for optimized support of clusters with newest Infiniband (IB) technology. Qlustar now automatically detects whether IB adapters supported by the current Mellanox OFED release are present and activates its drivers if that’s the case. For all other IB hardware, the in-kernel drivers are used.
  • GPU Direct RDMA support has been added for nodes running Nvidia GPUs together with IB adapters supported by Mellanox OFED. It provides a significant decrease in GPU-GPU communication latency and completely offloads the CPU, removing it from all GPU-GPU communications across the network.
  • The virtualGL image module is now production ready. When used in a node image, Qlustar can provide 3D remote visualization on nodes with the required hardware.