Qlustar BoF at ISC 2022

We are organizing a Birds of a feather session at the ISC High Performance 2022 conference in Hamburg on Wednesday, June 1st, 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

There will be three presentations: The first one by Qlustar founder Roland Fehrenbacher will start with a brief introduction into Qlustar, then discuss recent feature additions and give a glimpse into the future. The second one by Mohamed Mekias, CEO of HPCME Systems, will present details of recent HPC/AI/Storage cluster projects based on Qlustar and QlusZio. Finally, Stephanie Kerckhof from JRC/Ispra will talk about how Qlustar helps with digital forensic investigations for law enforcement in the European Commission.

The goal of the BoF is to bring together developers, HPC cluster admins and hardware vendors to identify the most pressing issues needed, for further improving Qlustar’s suitability as an open-source full stack HPC management solution. Looking forward to see you in Hamburg.