Qlustar Feature Update 06/23

A number of new Qlustar features were completed recently and published together with the latest security updates.

Version 13.2.0 further improves QluMan with the addition of:

  • An informative Host overview table. It provides a tabular overview of all the hosts in a cluster split by networks. Tabs at the top allow to select the network one is interested in. In each tab, the IP ranges allocated in the chosen network are shown at the top and a list of hosts with their most important config parameters below. An on-the-fly string/regex filter can be applied to the lists restricting the view to the hosts matched.
  • New GUI options to fine-tune the LDAP password policy. This makes it easy to control user password quality and protection against brute-force attacks with appropriate settings.
  • The possibility to assign a Lustre LNet name to the network adapters of nodes and generate a new config file to bring up LNet during boot of Lustre nodes.
  • The automatic creation of a new configuration file during boot that lists a node’s QluMan Generic Properties and their values. This allows to use freely definable Generic Properties as a general key/value store in customization scripts on Qlustar nodes.

AlmaLinux was updated to version 8.8 with this release.