Qlustar HPC Core Stack 24.06

The Qlustar team is pleased to announce the availability of the HPC Core Stack 24.06 for Qlustar 13. It was published together with the latest security bug fix update.

The HPC core stack was introduced with the release of Qlustar 13 as a new component definition within Qlustar. It is related to the introduction of Spack.

This release includes the following individual major HPC core stack component updates:

The new version of Spack allows easy and direct access to the most recent compilers, MPIs and hundreds of other applications relevant to HPC. Note that the default OpenMPI version is now 5.0.3, hence a move to a new major version. The latest 4.1.x versions were also tested to still build cleanly with this new Qlustar release.

As part of this update, Qlustar AlmaLinux was moved to the 8.10 version which is now the only release supported by upstream.

Minor version updates for other Qlustar 13 components are also included, in particular Lustre (2.15.5) and gdrcopy (2.4.1) for use with Nvidia GPUs.