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  • The OS for HPC/Storage Clusters

    • Full-fledged Cluster OS based on Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS
    • Setup and manage Clusters with unparalleled Ease and Control
    • QluMan = Powerful Cluster Management Get the details…
    Introduction &
  • Qlustar Highlights

    • Designed for Scalability/Performance/Stability
    • OpenHPC integration based on CentOS
    • Minimal Cluster Node OS
    • Simple to use Management GUI
    • QlusZio = Lustre/BeeGFS/HA Storage on ZFS
    • Controlled on-the-fly Node Updates
  • More Qlustar Features

    • Powerful Slurm Management GUI
    • Tons of Up-To-Date cluster-related Packages
    • Reliable Full Updates of OS supported
    • Unique Graphical Parallel Shell
    • Well-managed Security Updates
    • Support you can rely on
    More Qlustar
  • Go for a test-drive

    Qlustar is 100% open-source and free.
    Setting it up is easy.
    Download and check it out!

    and test it!

Qlustar 10.1.1 shipping with OpenHPC 1.3.6

The Qlustar team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Qlustar 10.1.1 for download . This is a minor release within the 10.1 series. It integrates the recently published OpenHPC 1.3.6 release into the Qlustar CentOS...

Qlustar 10.1 adds CentOS/OpenHPC support

The Qlustar team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Qlustar 10.1 for download . Adding support for CentOS 7.5 as a new fully supported edge platform, combined with the integration of OpenHPC ,...

Qlustar 10 available - Now 100% Open Source

The Qlustar team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Qlustar 10.0 for download . This release starts a new era for Qlustar, since it marks the beginning of its 100% Open Source future. It ships version 10.0 of...

More fun with Slurm - 9.2 released

The Qlustar team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Qlustar 9.2 for download . No effort was spared to make sure we deliver on our promise of providing a rock-solid basis for your HPC and storage clustering...

Singularities in docked Sandboxes ... and more

Container technology is one of the big IT hypes these days. While we at Q-Leap are not under suspicion to tune into the "containers will save the world" mantra, we definitely believe they add a nice additional tool to the workbench of...

9.1.1 Maintenance Release is out

The Qlustar team has completed the 9.1.1 maintenance release. It includes major QluMan feature enhancements for GPU management and message viewing, substantial improvements concerning commercial compiler support (Intel/PGI), new packages for I/O benchmarking (mdtest/IOR) and also minor version updates...

Introducing QlusZio at ISC 16

At the upcoming ISC 2016 conference in Frankfurt, Q-Leap will introduce its brand-new series of QlusZio software-defined storage appliances. QlusZio systems are turn-key storage clusters built using Qlustar DataStack components on top of...

New HPC User Manual Online

We are pleased to announce the availability of our new HPC User Manual . It includes a comprehensive guide to an optimal usage of the Slurm workload manager, as well as a detailed explanation of the powerful and flexible...

Happy new year - 9.1 is ready

The Qlustar team wishes you all the best for the new year. In addition we try to make sure, that you'll have a great start now that you're back at work: With Qlustar 9.1 being ready for download ....

Simplest BeeGFS setup ever ... on Qlustar

The race for fast and scalable storage is one of the hottest topics in the IT world today. As a result of Q-Leap's partnership with ThinkParQ , we're happy to announce that Qlustar has now integrated the latest...


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