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  • The OS for HPC/Storage Clusters

    • Full-fledged Cluster OS based on Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS
    • Setup and manage Clusters with unparalleled Ease and Control
    • QluMan = Powerful Cluster Management Get the details…
    Introduction &
  • Qlustar Highlights

    • Designed for Scalability/Performance/Stability
    • OpenHPC integration based on CentOS
    • Minimal Cluster Node OS
    • Simple to use Management GUI
    • QlusZio = Lustre/BeeGFS/HA Storage on ZFS
    • Controlled on-the-fly Node Updates
  • More Qlustar Features

    • Powerful Slurm Management GUI
    • Tons of Up-To-Date cluster-related Packages
    • Reliable Full Updates of OS supported
    • Unique Graphical Parallel Shell
    • Well-managed Security Updates
    • Support you can rely on
    More Qlustar
  • Go for a test-drive

    Qlustar is 100% open-source and free.
    Setting it up is easy.
    Download and check it out!

    and test it!

Boston and Q-Leap partner to deliver turn-key cluster solutions

Boston Limited , a leading UK-based manufacturer of high-performance, low-power server, storage and clustered solutions, today announces a new partnership with Q-Leap Networks , the creator of the cluster OS Qlustar, to offer scalable out-of-the-box HPC, storage and...

Final countdown for Qlustar 9

We are happy to announce, that it's just a few more weeks until Qlustar 9 , the first Ubuntu trusty based version, will be released. Check out our revised roadmap and look forward to the best Qlustar ever, including...

8.1.2 Maintenance Release is available

The Qlustar team has completed the 8.1.2 maintenance release. It contains a number of important bug fixes and minor version updates for ZFSonLinux and Lustre . We suggest to update your cluster when you get a chance. Please read the ...

BeeGFS in Qlustar: ThinkParQ and Q-Leap cooperate

ThinkParQ , a newly founded Fraunhofer spin-off, and Q-Leap Networks have just announced a partnership under which BeeGFS will be integrated as a fully supported parallel file-system option in Qlustar....

Univ. of Hamburg competes using Qlustar

The Student Cluster Competition organized by the HPC Advisory Council has become one of the main attractions at the International Supercomputing conference . The competition is designed to introduce the next generation of (computer) scientists...

QluMan GUI for Workstations

Managing Qlustar clusters has just become a lot more fun: We've set up a new package repository from which you can easily install the qluman-qt GUI on your workstation or any other machine provided it runs one of the edge platforms...

8.1.1 is out - Welcome Debian Wheezy

The Qlustar team is pleased to announce the release of Qlustar 8.1.1, and with it the availability of Debian/Wheezy as as second supported platform. 8.1.1 is a maintenance release, but it could also be considered a feature release, since it comes with...

2014 Roadmap laid out

Q-Leap has laid out the Qlustar roadmap for 2014 . Scheduled for Q2/14, the upcoming 8.2 feature release will add easily deployable OpenStack and Hadoop modules to our central software components, as well as support for the Intel MIC ...

Qlustar Demo at DebianMed Sprint

The Debian Med Sprint Weekend 2014 was hosted in Stonehaven near Aberdeen. The meeting was mainly about hacking on Bioinformatics software that is of interest to the DebianMed community. The attendants worked in groups toward...

Qlustar Basic Edition - for free

Great news for all cluster administrators out there: Q-Leap Networks introduces Qlustar Basic Edition at no cost for purely academic and non-commercial use.

Hesitate no longer: Download and test it right now....


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