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  • The OS for HPC/Storage Clusters

    • Full-fledged Cluster OS based on Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS
    • Setup and manage Clusters with unparalleled Ease and Control
    • QluMan = Powerful Cluster Management Get the details…
    Introduction &
  • Qlustar Highlights

    • Designed for Scalability/Performance/Stability
    • OpenHPC integration based on CentOS
    • Minimal Cluster Node OS
    • Simple to use Management GUI
    • QlusZio = Lustre/BeeGFS/HA Storage on ZFS
    • Controlled on-the-fly Node Updates
  • More Qlustar Features

    • Powerful Slurm Management GUI
    • Tons of Up-To-Date cluster-related Packages
    • Reliable Full Updates of OS supported
    • Unique Graphical Parallel Shell
    • Well-managed Security Updates
    • Support you can rely on
    More Qlustar
  • Go for a test-drive

    Qlustar is 100% open-source and free.
    Setting it up is easy.
    Download and check it out!

    and test it!

Qlustar at SC 2012

Q-Leap Networks , will present the first beta version of Qlustar at the SC 2012 in Salt Lake City. It will pay off to visit our booth #4461 (find it on the interactive ...

Qlustar: A next-generation HPC Cluster OS

Qlustar is a new contender among public HPC cluster operating systems (OS). Its core is a lightweight modular Compute-Node kernel that is generated using a 3rd-generation image generator. The latter is designed such that OS images contain the exact minimum of programs/files needed for the desired functionality.


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