More fun with Slurm - 9.2 released

The Qlustar team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Qlustar 9.2 for download. No effort was spared to make sure we deliver on our promise of providing a rock-solid basis for your HPC and storage clustering infrastructure. Qlustar 9.2 is packed with the very best and most recent HPC software available. A number of production clusters are successfully running it for a while already, so you can fully rely on its maturity and stability.

The absolute highlight of this release is the all-new and powerful GUI management and operating interface for Slurm, a component of QluMan. Find out more about this cool new tool in our updated docs and you will soon realize how it will substantially increase productivity for Slurm administrators and at the same time add a substantial fun-factor on the job.

Equally important but not directly visible is our new future-proof messaging architecture QluNet, that serves as the communication backbone for all QluMan components.

Qlustar 9.2 also introduces the Qlustar BioStack delivering a huge selection of easily deployable and cluster-optimized Bioinformatics software packages based on the DebianMed project. These packages are grouped into tasks and can conveniently be selected when setting up a chroot for the cluster nodes.

This is a major feature release of the 9.x series and remains based on Ubuntu/Trusty (14.04). Highlights among the various major component updates include Slurm 16.5.8, OpenMPI 2.0.2, CUDA 8.0 and BeeGFS 6. Get more details in the release notes.