Qlustar 10.1.1 shipping with OpenHPC 1.3.6

The Qlustar team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Qlustar 10.1.1 for download. This is a minor release within the 10.1 series. It integrates the recently published OpenHPC 1.3.6 release into the Qlustar CentOS platform. OpenHPC 1.3.6 ships with a gcc 8 toolchain among other goodies.

A second major improvement is the further tuning of the Qlustar node netboot process that cuts the size of the initial RAMdisk delivered via tftp to a mere 35MB. This doesn't only speed up the boot process in standard clusters, but it also makes it feasible to netboot over slow and less reliable networks like e.g. a connection to a spaceship.

Apart from that, this release comes with a number of bug and security fixes which were already addressed in separate security advisories as usual.