Qlustar 11 released

The Qlustar team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Qlustar 11.0.0 for download. It updates Qlustar's core platform to current Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The CentOS edge platform is now based on 7.6 with full integration of the just released OpenHPC 1.3.8.

As a result of our continuous platform optimization/simplification process we moved to dnsmasq as a replacement of the previously used ISC DHCP and atftp TFTP server. dnsmasq also provides cluster internal name services (DNS) replacing the NIS hosts map and acts as a DNS proxy.

In addition to the dnsmasq management interface, the second major feature of QluMan is the possibility to handle Network Filesystem resources. Initially this supports NFS mounts including RDMA connections and a mechanism to automatically choose the optimal network path to the NFS server. Mount resources are implemented as systemd automount units. This new interface replaces the previously used automount daemon which is now deactivated per default.

Highlights among the various major component updates include Kernel 4.19.x, Slurm 18.08.x, CUDA 10.1, OpenMPI 4.0.1and BeeGFS 7.1.3. Please read the release notes for more details.