Qlustar Feature Update 02/20

A number of new Qlustar features were completed recently and published together with the latest security updates. QluMan has the following new capabilities:

  • The Write Files dialog got a complete revamp.
    • The configuration files/links belonging to different QluMan Config Classes are now neatly arranged in a single collapsible tree-view.
    • Colored LEDs have been introduced to indicate whether pending changes of the config files are waiting to be written and which files are affected.
    • It is now straightforward to cycle through the list of changed files exclusively, allowing for a fast overview of pending changes in diff format.
    • Selecting individual Config Classes to be written has become a lot simpler by providing checkboxes in the tree-view.
    • Overall, the new dialog greatly enhances the clarity of the cluster configuration space. It provides way better control and confidence when performing configurationchanges.
  • Messages for config file writing have been added to the QluMan Log Viewer
  • The so-called QluMan save-button interface was improved and implemented for the editing of command names in the Command Editor. Now name labels turn green when changed and black after being saved, improving transparency.

If you use QluMan singularity images, make sure you download the latest version.