11.0.1 adds UEFI support and CentOS 7.8

The Qlustar team is happy to announce the immediate availability of Qlustar 11.0.1 for download. This minor release has two new features: a) Full UEFI support for the Qlustar installer and PXE booting of nodes. b) The move to CentOS 7.8 as the new supported minor CentOS 7 version.

The Qlustar installer now transparently supports installation on legacy PC BIOS hardware as well as machines running under UEFI. If you have the choice, we recommend using the UEFI mode on your hardware.

Our PXE booting mechanism has been doubly revamped: Firstly, we use GRUB as the boot loader now per default and secondly, we fully support UEFI based hardware transparently. So it will not matter whether your hardware runs under UEFI or PC BIOS, it should just boot fine, once registered correctly under QluMan. Reverting to booting with PXELINUX on PC BIOS machines is supported if needed/desired.

Please follow the special update instructions when updating and if you use QluMan singularity images, make sure you download the latest version.

This is the last feature addition to Qlustar 11. We now work at full steam on the Qlustar 12 release based on Ubuntu 20.04 and scheduled for some time later this year.