Professional Support

Q-Leap Networks offers professional support for the Qlustar Cluster OS. Support contracts are available on a yearly basis with different maintenance and support levels. Prices depend on the number of nodes, the required support level and software features. A fixed discount of 20% is granted to educational institutions (schools, universities). Large clusters also receive a substantial discount on our list prices (please provide us a project request for this). Interested OEMs or integrators should contact us for special pricing.

Since many years, Q-Leap Networks also offers turn-key cluster installations with all required hardware and full-service support to their customers. This is a different product segment with separate customer-specific pricing. Please contact us, if you require a custom-tailored offer for such a turn-key setup.

Please note, that the development and maintenance of Qlustar is financed entirely from the sale of support contracts and turn-key cluster solutions by Q-Leap. Hence by buying either one of them, you’re contributing to its long-term success. That’s how Open Source works!

We have been succesfully using Qlustar on our HPC cluster for almost three years, and appreciate its functionality and stability.

- Dr. Lars Kaislaniemi

Department of Geosciences and Geography, University of Helsinki, Finland

We have a Q-Leap supported Lustre system in production since more than 5 years. It serves user data for many large Compute Clusters. During this time, Q-Leap provided very good support and was able to deliver great solutions to complex problems many times.

- Roland Laifer

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

We have been running a Qlustar cluster for parallel 3D image processing since 2006. We would absolutely recommend Qlustar to others looking for a reliable and performant Cluster Operating System! The fact that it is completely Linux based not only makes it easy to use, it is also very flexible and future-proof.

- Dr. Kai Ludwig

Electron Microscopy